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Villa Prices In Dubai: Which Villa Can You Buy With Your Budget?

Villa Prices In Dubai: Which Villa Can You Buy With Your Budget?

Getting the best prices when you’re shopping for a villa for sale in Dubai can be quite tricky.

How much will the whole purchase cost?

Do you need to do more planning, or is your fund enough?

What are the amenities that you would want and need to be included in your package?

Villas vary from each other by sizes, prices, locations, designs, and amenities. Some buyers are ok in getting a smaller yet cheaper unit while families need more space. Here are various types of villas available in Dubai.

Different villas available in Dubai

1.    2-3 bedroom villas

Villas with 2-3 bedrooms are one of the most common villa setups. Although there are only 2-3 official bedrooms, maid quarters are already included in some offerings. You need to prepare at least AED 1,300,000 to get this option. The whole size of this kind of listings is usually within 2,000sq ft. to 3,000 sq. ft. 

Expected Price Range: AED 1,350,000 to AED 3,000,000

Minimum Amenities: 

  • Without pool: AED 1,350,000 on average
  • With a pool: AED 2,899,000 or more
  • Terrace and balcony
  • Parking Spaces
  • Spacious dining area
  • 2-3 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms

2.    4-5 bedroom villas 

A 4-bedroom villa is perfect for families who have two to three children and want more amenities. If you want to live beside a water body, you might have to go beyond the modest price of AED 6,000,000. There are locations such as Arabian Ranches and Al Furjan that offer 405 bedroom villas at the range between AED 2,000,000 to 2,500,000. But these units usually lack amenities such as parking lots and swimming pools.

Expected Price Range:  AED 2,500,000 – AED 6,000,000

Minimum Amenities: 

  • Without pool: AED 4,500,000 on average
  • With a pool: AED 5,000,000 or more
  • Maid’s quarters
  • Space for home sport courts (like tennis, volleyball, etc.)
  • Barbeque area
  • Parking spaces
  • Study rooms/office area
  • 4-5 bedrooms and 5-6 bathrooms

3.    6 bedroom villas

A villa for a family of six is already a big property. Most of these structures have six bedrooms and 6-7 bathrooms to accommodate each family member. More than anything, the location will be a huge factor when it comes to price. A private pool is almost always expected in this price range. 

Expected Price Range: AED 4,800,000 – AED 10,000,000+

Minimum Amenities: 

  • Mini playground 
  • Parking spaces
  • Garden and Barbeque area
  • Equipped with internet or cable
  • Covered parking lot
  • Usually furnished (on higher prices)
  • Fully furnished kitchen 
  • Extra recreational facilities
  • Overall bigger land plot

4.    7 bedrooms or more

This category’s price depends on both the location and the size of the plot. Some listings usually have 15,000sq ft as standard. Wider plots can easily pass way beyond AED 10,000,000 and can even reach AED 20,000,000 or more. 

Expected Price Range: AED 10,000,000 and beyond

Minimum Amenities: 

  • 7+ bedrooms and 7+ bathrooms
  • All the amenities villas can have
  • Favorable locations for establishments and important structures

Now that you have many options, you can invest in a property that suits your requirements the most.

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