Vivo to Introduce 4G/LTE-Only Smartphone as Alternative to V40 SE

Vivo to Introduce 4G/LTE-Only Smartphone as Alternative to V40 SE

A new smartphone from Vivo is now expected to be released with the most recent version of Android 14, despite its entry-level Qualcomm processor and other low-cost features. But for people looking to spend $300 or less on a new phone, it could present an interesting new option—that is, if they can live without the 5G connectivity of what might be its more expensive sibling.

The V40 SE is officially here, but Vivo appears to be planning to release its next smartphone under the same name, possibly into the unwary budget smartphone market, using the last generation of that model.

In a Geekbench listing, it appears to be the Vivo V2349 (revealed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) as the actual model number of the V30 SE), with one significant difference. The listing closely resembles that of the Android 14-powered, 8GB RAM V40 SE (or V2337).

They both display identical up-to-2.21GHz configurations and code names (parrot) on the benchmark; however, only one of them has 5G, according to the Bluetooth SIG, which certified the V30 SE next to its V40 counterpart.

So, while the Vivo Y200e (or V2336), which is currently available on with the same Eco-Leather finish options and 4G/LTE-only budget specs, has the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 in the V40 SE, the V30 SE most likely has the 4 Gen 1.

It has also been observed in the Google Play Console database, where it is listed under a different model number (V2327), corresponding to the V30 Lite. This indicates that it even shares similarities with the Y200e.

Still, should it launch as soon as these fresh leaks indicate, it appears that it might cost less than the V40 SE’s current ~€279 (~$297) starting price.

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