Waheeda Rehman once said, “Musalman ladki Bharatnatyam kar rahi hai,” expressing her admiration for the art form

In a show, Waheeda Rehman discussed her very first dancing performance. When C. Rajagopalachari visited Visakhapatnam, it was for him.

Recently, seasoned performer Waheeda Rehman shared memories of her very first dancing performance. She appeared as a guest on the most recent episode of Arbaaz Khan’s talk show The Invincibles, where she discussed her experience breaking into the movie business and revealed a number of little-known facts. When she was just 7 or 8 years old, she stated that she wanted to learn how to dance.

The 85-year-old actor told Arbaaz that she had danced for India’s first viceroy, C. Rajagopalachari, when he inquired about her maiden performance. He was scheduled to visit Visakhapatnam, where her father was then stationed, she said, adding, “C. Rajagopalachari, unka programme bana Visakhapatnam ane ke liye (He was to visit Visakhapatnam)”. Unhone kaha, MS Subbulakshmi ko bulao, Kamala Lakshman… And no kisses from Pata… Toh Delhi se ek telegram aya saying no one outside of Visakhapatnam; the artist must be local. They needed local performers for the show but were unable to get any other than a few sitar players. Fir bhi unhone idhar-udhar dhundha toh koi veena bajane wale mil gaye.

She added that C Rajagopalachari continued to praise the senior actor’s father, an IAS officer at the time, in his speech. She cited the Viceroy as stating, “I would like to meet him” in reference to her father. He was fearless and quite bold. She also recalled that her photo from the event was published the next day on the front page of a newspaper. In the photo, she has been presented with a medal.


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