What does it mean to validate a Credit Card?

What does it mean to validate a Credit Card?

Credit card forms are one of those elements which each online company must implement at any point, sometime it also becomes a problem for developers and users. In that respect, it is essential that these forms should be user-friendly and intuitive, as they are the point of entry for paying users: it would be a pity that a company loses its prospective customer with a badly designed payment form, even if everything else is correct.

Ø  While Validating Cards Which Things are Checked

It is quite simple to check that a credit card has a valid format.  Three significant validations need to be made. 

        i.            Length of Digits

There are 16 digits in visa / Discover / MC / JCB.  Amex has fifteen digits and some Diners Club and Carte Blanche have fourteen digits.

      ii.            Brand of the Card

There are distinct starting number ranges for each card brand.  For example:

  1. American Express 34xx or 37xx
  2. MasterCard 5xxx
  3. Visa 4xx
  4. Disk 64xx or 65xx

   iii.            Checksum

A checksum is the last digit of a card no.  This allows the card amount to be verified by means of the Luhn algorithm, an extremely easy modular linear control scheme, for easy error(single-digit mistakes or most neighboring transpositions). 

Checking the validity of a card amount using the above methods does not imply the card is active and payable. The dealer still requires asking the issuing bank to grant authorization (via a card network).

According to particular regulations, credit card numbers are produced. This allows dealers to ensure that a card amount is valid before the customer accepts the deposit.

The Luhn Algorithm is considered to match the amount of a credit card to check its value. You can also save time by making checking calculations for you by using an internet credit card validator.

Ø  Manual Validation

  • Enter the credit card number’s last digit. These are the digits used to check the remaining amount of the loan card.
  • List the number of a credit card for each number beginning from the check amount on the left and shifting to the right. If there are 16 characters in the credit card number, double every digit in the odd places, and then work straight to the bottom, before bringing it to your list.
  • You would double the figures in the uniform places for 15-digit credit cards. If a digit is doubled to more than 10, attach the fresh number two numbers together and write the outcome to your list. For instance, if the card digit is seven, 14 would be doubled. There would be a total of five numbers.
  • Complete your number list. Do not include in your checksum number. The number of credit cards is validated if the sum can be uniformly split into 10. If not, the credit card transaction should not be processed.

Ø  Online Validation

  • Enter the brand of credit card, number, and expiry date into the blanks available for them. To present and validate the credit card please click “Enter.”
  • Wait for the website validation details. If the credit card has been found invalid, contact the customer care center regarding your inconvenience.

These two processes (online and manual) both are the ways how a credit card is validated. By using an online credit card validator you only get proof of the validity of the card,  not credit on the card.

  • What Does Validating a Credit Card Literally Means

Credit card numbers may sound random, but behind each set of figures, there is effectively a hidden significance.

1.       Main Industry Identifier (MII)

This shows the industry of the card and it is the first digit in the card numbers.

2.       Issuer Identification No (IIN)

INN or Issuer Identification Number defines card issuer. This is particularly helpful when card issuers decide to grow their IIN series in future releases.

3.       Account No

The account number of the card is used to identify the account of the credit cardholder.

4.       Checksum

The Checksum on a customer credit card number ensures that the account number is true.

Ø  Pros of Validating a Card

  1. A user receives instant feedback on a wrong entry.
  2.  If a card has been submitted that is not valid, the customer does not have to press the submit button, wait for the server to return an application, then re-execute the application.
  3. It reduces the load of your server and avoids false applications being counted to your API speed limit.
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