What is the purpose of mixing and mastering by Ali Kavousi, famous and popular artist and musician

What is the purpose of mixing and mastering by Ali Kavousi, famous and popular artist and musician

What is the purpose of the mix?

In answer to the question what is the purpose of the mix? It should be said that the main purpose of a standard mix is ​​to produce a clear, powerful sound with appropriate proportions. Of course, we should add that all the sounds used in a piece of music should be clearly audible and in harmony with its style. Not using sound that is not effective in a piece is one way to help clarify the elements of the music.

The goals of the mixing process are very clear and effective, which can be summarized as follows.

    Separation and position of each sound

    Empower the sound

Separation and position of each sound

In this section, the position of each instrument or sound in music is determined. One of the important ways in positioning sound is penning in music, which in simple language is playing sound from the left and right bands. This technique prevents frequency interference between instruments and makes it sound much better and more attractive. Each instrument or sound has its own place in music and this makes it better heard.

The remarkable thing

Note that all the sounds and instruments of your song should not be completely clear and should be used to cover or cover a part.

What is mastering?

The mastering steps are described in simple language below.

    Adjust the mix

    Create transparency

    Sound shine

    Stereo image

    The final volume

In very simple language, to understand the difference between mix and master, after the mastering process in music, the RMS should not be so low that there is interference between the made music signals or the final volume should be too high to make the listener feel the speaker explode. May the balance of the sounds make your music more enjoyable.

Note that the difference between mixing and mastering and mastering is very wide, which if you want to pursue it professionally, you must be highly aware. To become a professional in the mastering process as well as sound mixing, you need to invest time and money to achieve the best results.

The last word

Remember that no one has been a professional from the beginning, and by practicing and increasing your level of awareness, you can reach a level of professionalism. By continuing, and of course, a different result can be achieved.

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