WhatsApp announces a significant change to voice note privacy

WhatsApp announces a significant change to voice note privacy

Users will be able to send audio clips that vanish after being listened to thanks to WhatsApp’s expansion of its “View Once” feature to include voice notes.

The function is great for sending credit card information to a friend or organizing a surprise, the company said in a blog post announcing the update.

You can now send a voice message on WhatsApp that will vanish after it has been listened to, the company announced with excitement today.

The “one-time” icon that appears on View Once photos and videos will also appear on View Once voice notes.

Users of Android or iOS devices can access the feature by tapping the mic button in a WhatsApp chat. In the right-hand corner of the screen, they will see the View Once icon.

Regardless of whether users hold the mic icon to record or swipe up to lock it, the icon always appears. Then, to send a voice message that vanishes, users can tap the View Once icon.

See after end-to-end encryption is used to secure voice notes.

View Once is just another example of WhatsApp’s ongoing privacy innovation. “As with all your personal messages, WhatsApp protects your voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default,” the company stated.

Android Central points out that there isn’t a mechanism in place to prevent the recipient from using their phone’s built-in screen recorder or other methods to record the voice note.

After a voice note is sent, recipients have 14 days to open it. Once opened, the audio message cannot be shared, starred, saved, or forwarded.

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