WhatsApp begins to try exchanging status updates over the web interface

WhatsApp begins to try exchanging status updates over the web interface

WhatsApp has included ephemeral status updates since 2020. With the addition, it was able to emulate the success of popular Android instant messaging apps like Telegram, Snapchat, and others. Though you can link many devices to the same user account on WhatsApp, the convenience is only available on your primary Android phone or iPhone. With the most recent beta version, WhatsApp users on the web can now at last post status updates.

WhatsApp Web allowed users to access their accounts on any device with a web browser, marking the beginning of WhatsApp’s connected device connectivity. Because of its platform-neutral support, it’s an adaptable way to share data from one computer to another or grant support executives simultaneous access to chat support accounts. The modification opened the door for connected device support to include tablets, native desktop programs, and backup smartphones, despite the limited capability.

There are separate tabs for chats, communities, channels, and status updates in the stable version of WhatsApp Web that is currently available. But all you can see are the temporary posts from your primary smartphone, or updates from your contacts. WABetaInfo testers have discovered that you can use the online GUI to post new status updates in WhatsApp online beta version 2.2353.59.

If consumers intend to share the photos and videos as a status update, this function will spare them the trouble of moving them to their primary smartphone. You can post status updates even if the feature isn’t supported by WhatsApp’s native client for the OS in issue because the online version can operate on any OS with a browser. It looks to be a small-scale beta test right now, but WABetaInfo anticipates that more testers will get access to the functionality soon.

believe it won’t be long before users who are accessing the stable version of WhatsApp Web from all over the world also get to benefit from this convenience, considering the significance and broad reach of WhatsApp Web. Only a few days have passed since WhatsApp’s Android beta began testing status sharing features for companion devices.

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