Which is the best app to invest in mutual funds in India? Let’s find out

Which is the best app to invest in mutual funds in India? Let’s find out

With many mutual fund investment apps floating around, it is difficult to choose the most effective one. We simplify the process here.

Investing in mutual funds are made easy if people use apps that are designed to work in this area. It’s a known fact that stock investment is extremely complex, the reason people stay away from it and look for alternatives, like mutual funds, which are perhaps one of the easiest options available for investors as they don’t need to keep a tab on the markets as all the work is handled by the fund manager who dedicatedly looks after investors portfolio.

Furthermore, mutual funds have managed to give desirable performance, which has encouraged more investors to delve into this space. Now, with technological advancements taking place, we have the liberty to invest in these mutual funds via effective apps that are specifically created to cater to the needs of mutual fund investors. There are a number of Mutual Fund Investment App available in the market, but we have found the ET MONEY app to be the most effective of all.

What’s attractive about this Mutual Fund Investment App is that investors’ don’t have to pay commissions on their transactions and can invest directly into the plans that suit them best. This feature helps save a lot of money that goes in the form of agent’s commission, which in turn impacts your overall profit figures. In fact, at the end of the term this totals up to 1% of your final returns, which is quite a good amount saved. It is one of the best SIP Investment App ever available in the market as it lists all top mutual funds in India which have given favourable returns given their past performances.

What makes ET Money mutual fund app more attractive is that investors’ can access their entire portfolio under one account, which saves them from the hassle of saving multiple usernames and passwords for multiple accounts. Everything is available at the click of a button, and that’s what makes this app a favourite of the majority of investors. Any mutual fund buying/selling that happens via the app are transacted through investors bank accounts without any third party payment gateway, which is an added benefit as withdrawals are credited directly without investors paying any intermittent or transaction fees.

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