Who is Rosé The One

Who is Rosé The One

When you think about music Kentucky is very slept on. Outside the likes of Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller, and EST Gee. The world doesn’t really know much about Kentucky.

Then we met Rosé The One.

Watching an artist find themselves through trials and tribulations might be one of the most stimulating things for fans. Being able to call yourself a day 1 fan of an artist who you’ve watched transition into their higher self, is an amazing journey to be apart of.

Isaiah James Bankhead aka Rosé The One (RTO), Is a young Kentucky Native, who started his music journey at an early age in the church choir. His mom being a strong Christian woman had a lot of influence on him early. His dad being a huge fan of Hip Hop and R&B may have had the most impact on his career as of late.

RTO went from the church choir where he discovered his true ability in music to learning to record himself in High School. He released his first song in the summer of 2017 after graduating from high school. Still unsure of his true music ability he decided to attend college because as we’ve learned in America that is what you are supposed to do. While attending college he started learning to perfect his craft. Staying up late most nights making music in his dorm room, was a huge cause for him to start missing class for days at a time. He decided to drop out of college and chase his passion for music.

In 2020 RTO released his first mixtape and with just a little bit of traction from the first he released a second project within the same year. Causing him to gain some serious buzz within his hometown of Radcliff Kentucky, and the surrounding areas one being Louisville Kentucky.

Starting to collaborate with other up and coming artist from around his area, his name started to become a well known one. From there he started his own Independent Label 4K Entertainment better known as 4KE with his little brother Jay Bleezo and longtime friend who would become his manager Joe Dado.

In 2022 RTO built enough traction to catch the attention of JHood YSF, rising Music Executive and CEO of YSF records who signed RTO to the growing independent label. Although they were from the same city, a 9 year age gap kept the two from ever coming into contact with one another. That’s when manager Joe Dado who grew up around JHood made the connection.

Immediately JHood and Rosé started rebranding and rebuilding the young artist enhancing his image and truly finding his sound.

We had the chance to ask Rosé The One a little more about his music, where it stems from, and the purpose behind it. He gave us this “My music is about ways to express the hardships in life not that many are not capable of speaking on. Family, losing loved ones, or alot of times love from a male perspective and learning that it is okay to be vulnerable as a man.

My music is about ways to look yourself in the mirror everyday and realizing that you are the only person stopping you from achieving in this life. Keep God first and go after what you want.”

Keeping up with Rosé The One is on our to-do list for 2023. As he is due for a great year and we intend on covering it in detail.

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