Why Celebs Are Obsessing Over Azura Runway

Why Celebs Are Obsessing Over Azura Runway

There is nothing like purchasing a unique and unusual designer bag for a fraction of the full retail price. Lately, tons of stylish Australian stars have collaborated with Azura Runway, who sell pre-loved designer items on their website Azura Runway.

Azura Runway is an Australian fashion brand launched in mid-2019 with a fleet of Celebrity fans, including Emilee Hembrow, Sapphiroula Condoleon, and Marona Tanner. Azura Runway has also been featured in major fashion-forward publications, including Harpers Bazaar.

Recently, Aussie Instagram Star Emilee Hembrow posted a photo of herself with a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Keepall on her Instagram page. After posting, the post attracted over 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans adoring over her.

Azura Runway sells a wide range of pre-loved designer items on their site from some of the world’s most desirable brands, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Gucci, Cartier Prada and more. Their designer bags sell anywhere from $174 for a silk Gucci floral scarf to $12,531 for a unique Hermes Birkin bag. With a vast inventory of designer goods, it is no wonder so many celebs are flocking to purchase their products.

A Louis Vuitton Bag on Azura Runways Website

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