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<strong><u>Why & How Collaboration Is the Future of Work – Findmycoworking.Com</u></strong>

The amenities offered by coworking spaces have helped businesses in every corner of the country thrive, especially throughout the pandemic. Mainly the cooperative sector in India has a really promising future and the growth graph may also show an upward trend in the coming years.

Furthermore, according to a recent study, the share of co-working spaces in the overall office space is currently three-dimensional, which is projected to increase to 4.2% by 2023. In terms of total square foot growth, the co-op sector industry is forecast. Increase till the end of 2023 and 50 million sq.

According to a study, in order for employees to bond, they need to work in a place that allows them to be close to each other regardless of career field differences. Coworking spaces provide such intimacy to their members through areas specifically designed for socialization. Imagine a lounge area where professionals from completely different fields sit, drink coffee and discuss their latest projects with each other. The environment allows members to connect with each other without the need to create special events for networking.

It is common that with additional awareness and higher data, interest for the cooperation sector may increase.

It is expected that with additional awareness and better information, the demand for co-working spaces will increase. These locations are very convenient for every employee, irrespective of their industrial origin. Hence, this idea can increase the demand in future.

This is one of the biggest future trends expected for these places. Working from home has become a productive idea during this covid period as employees work with more freedom and flexibility without compromising on their professional responsibilities. This allowed companies to save money and reduce costs in terms of office costs as workers responded well to working from home and co-working spaces. Due to this, businesses have started investing in this space and it is expected to increase further in the coming future. Professionals also benefit from this. Therefore, investment in this sector can increase.

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