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Why You Should Use Your Local Florists

Why You Should Use Your Local Florists

Wedding days are special for a whole host of reasons, the coming together of two people for love, bringing family together too. Everyone wants their wedding day to be special and to be perfect, that’s no secret, whether it be the right venue or the best cake there’s a whole host of factors that go into putting on the perfect wedding for you. Flowers are oftentimes maybe overlooked or not seen as important as something like that cake but they really are important to the whole aesthetic of the wedding, bringing together the venue and flowers can really provide that overall sense of tact and sophistication to a wedding. There are many different flowers to be used at weddings, the bouquet the bride holds and then throws arguably being the most important but there are tons of ways in which flowers can be used to elevate your wedding. Floral displays across the venue, around the tables, by the ceremony and even wearable flowers on suits and even in the hair of bridesmaids for example. Flowers can be very important and very powerful thats why finding the right florist is crucial but also why your local florists are probably you best option.

Timing – When planning a wedding your going to planning and trying to sort out a million different things so opting to use a local florist can really help when travelling back and forth trying to plan your flowers, this will give you more time to plan everything else.

Reputation – In your local area you’re probably familiar with many of the shops and locations around, as are many of your neighbours and friends within your area. This is a great way to determine the best florist for you, reputation within the local area! Chances are someone you know or even someone your neighbour or friend knows has used one of your local florists before, this way you can hear from a genuine customer what their experience was like with said florist and that way you know to either not use them or to go full steam ahead and book in the same day.

Experience – Florists are experts with flowers and chances are they know what they’re doing and can produce some stunning displays however, these displays might not be what you’re looking for or they don’t offer specific flowers etc.. This is why it’s important to seek out previous bodies of work these florists have completed and get a feel for that particular florists style or niche. This is one of the most important things to do because if those expectations are set too high or even too low then things will start to go wrong and you could be unhappy with the flowers and that’s the last thing you want. So again, going with a local florist will make this much easier. You’ll be able to go and meet with them and maybe look through their portfolio.

Communication – This is potentially the most important thing when looking for a florist is communication. Being able to communicate clearly and precisely your wants, needs and expectations is crucial and for them to be able to understand that, work with you and portray your ideas and how you want them perfectly, is exactly what you should be looking for.

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