Wofret CEO Yunus Emre Kelkitli: We Worked Hard for the Project

Wofret CEO Yunus Emre Kelkitli: We Worked Hard for the Project

Yunus Emre Kelkitli, who came to the fore with the Wofret project he developed with his friends, said the following about the project: “We presented our application together with Enes Yıldırım, who is the manager of the project, Ömer Eren Er, who contributed as a designer, and Ali Üsküdar, who is an artificial intelligence algorithm specialist.

With the support and content ideas of his business consultant and investor friend Cemal Polat living in London, Yunus Emre Kelkitli implemented the Wofret project.

Wofret, which has become one of the e-commerce applications that draw attention in the market, has been a project that we have put forward together with my fellow software developers and received appreciation. We aimed to provide services by paying attention to points such as online shopping and social distance rules that have come to the fore as a necessity. At this stage, we aimed to provide benefits to people while supporting small businesses on the one hand.”

Turkish software developer Yunus Emre Kelkitli said, “We are currently working on various security systems. It was a project that emerged as a result of our Woftware efforts and was also effective in the international market. The Woftware project, which we have implemented as a part of the internet security system, also supports the software of many different e-commerce companies. With this widespread service network, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves in the sector.”

We Have Studies in the Context of New Projects and Firm Offers

Young software developer Yunus Emre Kelkitli said, “I received an offer for the cyber security software I developed from companies such as Samsung and Apple. Different offers have been presented several times, but for now, I find the figures stated to be insufficient in terms of the current software. In fact, if we need to explain the subject without going into too much detail, we can say that the need for cyber security software is huge today.

It is a very important concept for many applications in the internet world, especially giant companies. I think this need will increase even more.” Yunus Emre Kelkitli; “We continue our services in the field of cyber security, which is very important today and has potential in the future. In this sense, we developed the software together with my teammates and put the WofSafe security company into service under the title of the Woftware company.

In this way, we support large companies. We aim to further develop and diversify our projects. All the projects we have developed are a part of the journey we embarked on with our dreams.”

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