Wozzie is all set to thrill the music industry with his new track “Ain’t my kind”

<strong>Wozzie is all set to thrill the music industry with his new track “Ain’t my kind”</strong>

Music is the greatest source of peace, relaxation and a sort of escape after a hectic, physical and psychological routine work. One gets lost in the overtones of lyrics, sweet melodies and amazing composition. Because music is proven panacea for anxiety, depression and stress. Fortunately there are myriads of varieties of music, which include various amazing artists. Wozzie, an American rapper and perfect singer who has added a new dimension to the music industry with his efforts, is delighted to reveal his newly created and long awaited NFT line. Wayne Redmond, better known by his stage name Wozzie, is a Philadelphia-based rapper, actor, and songwriter. He is presently a rising artist from the United States, recognized for his chill-step, gritty audio, and laid-back music, which highlights his perfected technical ability and unparalleled sound.

Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are among Wozzie’s favorite artists. Wozzie just unveiled a sneak peek of his new NFT collection, which features the artist’s broad and imaginative work. The series was created with the objective of inspiring other artists to achieve their dreams. He’s pleased to show off his newly constructed and keenly awaited NFT collection.

Wozzie commenced rapping at the age of 16 and drew inspiration from rappers such as Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and Jada Kiss. He began to take his music professionally around the age of 20 and stepped into this profession. Wozzie is a talented artist with a distinct flair. He is one of the most gifted and energetic artists in the world among his contemporary young artists.  

Wozzie has recently launched his new song namely “Ain’t my kind” that is amazing blend of lyrics and composition and a masterpiece of Wozzie’s hard work and creativity. The track is loved and backed positively from the audience and fans of Wozzie. Wozzie always owns his team and workers who contribute in his work. He is just and amazing supporting artist who takes whole team with him and gives them credit of appreciation for their good work.

Wozzie loves his audience and fans. He responds to them and communicate to them through his social media sites. His tracks are available to listen on all music platforms like Spotify, apple music etc. Moreover be can be followed on following platforms to get all updates about his work.

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