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“You’ll Lose Hope, Support, Love, Income,” but…

“You’ll Lose Hope, Support, Love, Income,” but…

Founder of Brand Happiness®, a full-service digital marketing service agency, and the Founding-Editor of StartuptoEnterprise, a digital news and media publisher, Linda Ashok is not a familiar story you’ll come across the reason we chose to feature here on Verna Magazine. But we deem it is important to acknowledge the person whose entire pursuit is on the foundation of recognizing others.

For years of her life, she ran a successful poetry award in India while working as a corporate professional. To help the poetry community, she registered a publishing house. To help startups and enterprises tell better stories, she founded StartuptoEnterprise. Before that, to recuperate financially from an unprecedented job loss, she founded Brand Happiness.

Seven months of unemployment with COVID just set in to make everything bleak and uncompromising; a website developer Ashok met in 2012 out-of-the-blue recommended Brand Happiness® to a few US-based clients operating in the healthcare, recruitment, event, and technology space. With a fall back on 13+ years of work experience with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs, Ashok has developed an excellent command over content creation and communication.

If you take a sneak peek at StartuptoEnterprise, you will be surprised to see the journalistic streak that infested Ashok early on as a child. When you google her name, you’ll come across her writing as a supply chain professional quoted by global supply chain literatures. She also writes on healthcare marketing and corporate leadership. She has the knack for telling stories that elevate the brands she works for.

In a brief chat, Ashok informs about the state of affairs around women in corporate spaces. She reflects on workplace manipulation and lack of support from colleagues in a situation that directly impacts their employment. She informs of systematic silencing and negative branding prejudicing people who she never met. Not only men, but some women too succumb to powerplay and ignore the plight of a fellow woman colleague. 

According to Ashok, “You’ll lose hope, support, love, income; you’ll be extraordinarily alone and vulnerable. But all will come to pass if you hold up and keep pursuing your passion. Everything considered negative to the conservative society does not matter when you are at peace with yourself, with your goal for life, take no shit, and be your boss and give 100% to your professional commitment enough to work remotely from anywhere in the world and keep taking chances.” 

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