Zillionaire: How These Two Seventeen Years Old Started A Jewellery Start Up And Introduced The Trend Of Iced Out In India

Zillionaire: How These Two Seventeen Years Old Started A Jewellery Start Up And Introduced The Trend Of Iced Out In India

Who Are We Talking About?

Raghav Goyal and Aaditya Fatehpuriya are two seventeen years old behind “Zillionaire”, a start up with creativity at its core which designs, customises and makes jewelleries for the youth. Zillionaire has a great sense of style and they create jewelleries keeping the latest trends in focus. One of the coolest aspects about Zillionaire is its founders who are still teenagers but they understand the importance of brand positioning. Looking at the growth of Indian hip hop industry, they are focusing on it.

Creativity Speaks For Itself.

Zillionaire has made a strong arrival as it provides the option of customisation, it makes the brand quite unique because it establishes a kind of connection between the brand and its customers because apart from buying your favourite piece of ready-made jewellery, you can request to create something in which you can add your own creative input and they will have it made for you. Zillionaire which started amidst the lockdown is already being a go-to brand for the people who want hip hop jewelleries and who want to create a buzz by their style statement. Their jewelleries come in Gold, Silver and Diamond. In their own signature style of strengthening the Hip Hop community, they are the first ones to introduce the concept of iced-out in India. For those who are unaware of the iced-out fashion, it is a fashion term used for wearing jewelleries covered in diamonds, popularised by the Hip Hop culture in US.

Hip Hop Craze And Jewelleries.

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language. – Miuccia Prada

As Miuccia Prada says that fashion is an instant language, people these days are wearing jewelleries less to impress and more to express themselves. Nowadays, people both young and adult are spending more and more time in doing things that give them joy and meaning to their life, fashion has become like an extended identity of oneself. Young millennials believe in the philosophy of “Work hard and party harder”. They do not shy away from wearing what they like and showing who they really are. Zillionaire designs just perfect jewelleries for such people. In recent years, the hip hop industry in India has seen an immense growth leading to a great deal of demand for various elements that complement this industry. Zillionaire has surely found its own way of complementing the industry. If you too are a hip-hop lover like me, you should surely check what they have in the store.

Future Of Zillionaire.

Zillionaire has been a hit and viral on the e-commerce platforms. As we talked to Raghav Goyal and Aaditya Fatehpuriya, they revealed to us that very soon they are opening a showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan which is already considered as home for the creativity and royalty will get one more diamond in its crown as Zillionaire will open its showroom in Jaipur. The way Zillionaire is growing, Sky is the limit. We wish loads of luck to Raghav, Aaditya and  Zillionaire for the future.

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