300 Oferta: From Humble Start-Up to E-Commerce Powerhouse

300 Oferta: From Humble Start-Up to E-Commerce Powerhouse

Ever since its inception in 2020, 300 oferta had two of the most important things – a solid idea and a big dream. With the help of a robust business model, it didn’t take long for this online sales company to capture an audience of thousands.

Their mantra is simple – Women from absolutely anywhere in Albania should be able to enjoy good fashion. And express fast deliveries. Figuring out supply chain logistics with months of planning and networking did not come easily to founders Rei and Sara Prendi. On top of that, the two were, by no means, ready to sell sub-par quality products. “Products sold by 300 oferta should be ones that shoppers would be happy to buy and sellers would be proud to endorse”, was the belief system that the start-up was built on.

It is that same loyalty to their customers combined with a fiery passion to deliver the very best, that has helped parent company 300 oferta take its newest venture to places most start-ups could only dream of. Scaling at astounding rates, the online seller achieved its 5-year goal within a mere 20 months, surprising investors and competitors alike!

The e-commerce powerhouse sells a plethora of styles – from designer black cocktail dresses to satin shirts with the signature 300 oferta twist. With the help of this unique shopping platform, you can get dresses for women for almost any occasion under the Sun. Get an elegant office wear blouse created with superior fabrics that 300 themselves oversee. Or you can go for celeb-style, red carpet gowns, and dresses to glitter at parties.

Most retailers fail to do what 300 oferta l has managed to accomplish, and quite successfully, too – Exquisite customer satisfaction. Their bespoke outfits are tailored to suit the likes of women from not just in Albania, but all over the world. And if you can make good on your promise to have their dress delivered as fast as within one day, women will flock to you in staggering numbers.  This explains the start-up’s incredible journey from a humble start-up to an e-commerce powerhouse – within mere 20 months.

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