A fairly significant update is coming for OnePlus Open

A fairly significant update is coming for OnePlus Open

Even though the OnePlus Open is among the company’s newest models, Android 13 is still installed on it. Although the most recent update brings some much-needed improvements, it won’t alter that status.

It looks that the OnePlus Open will soon receive an update, as reported by the OnePlus Open: The Chatroom on Telegram. The post states that firmware version CPH2551_13.2.0.203(EX01) is included in this update, which has a weight of 190.66MB. The December 2023 Android security patch is included, and it is built on Oxygen OS 13.2.

It seems that the system, communication, and camera are addressed in this most recent update. A list of the modifications included in the update is as follows:


increases the stability of the system.

enhances the user experience through improved touch control algorithm.

lowers the amount of power used by specific apps and while the device is idle.


increases compatibility and stability of the network.


addresses a potential shutter lag problem that could arise when the Nightscape toggle is off.

resolves a problem that could cause your taps to not work on the Retouch, Filters, Resolution, and Flash functions.

resolves a bug that could cause the main screen to freeze when using the rear camera for selfies and Dual Preview turned on.

Only a few weeks have passed since the last update, which contained the security patch for November, before word of this one is released. With a 508.98MB weight, that patch was a little heavier, though.

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