To win the 2023 Antarctic Ice Marathon, a Coppell man descends to the bottom of the planet

To win the 2023 Antarctic Ice Marathon, a Coppell man descends to the bottom of the planet

While most North Texans attempt to stay away from the ice and snow, a man from Coppell recently made the decision to go willingly to a glacier at the bottom of the world and even run a marathon there.

Ever since he was in high school, Michael Higgins has run.

“There really is a healthy way to disconnect from everything that goes on in the world, and I think running is a good way to do it for me,” Higgins commented.

Although he has run marathons before, he chose to go all the way south this time. About 600 miles separate the Antarctic Ice Marathon from the South Pole.

“I thought this would be the perfect excuse to get down to Antarctica,” Higgins said. “Let’s just go for it; I want to see it and I enjoy running. Most people won’t find running 26.2 miles on snow and ice enjoyable, but I don’t know; it kind of feeds the adventurer in me.”

It was impossible to replicate the conditions Higgins would encounter in Antarctica while training here, given that it was in the 60s and sunny this week in Coppell. He attributes his success to the intense heat of Texas and his purchase of appropriate equipment, such as show covers featuring spikes at the bottom.

“To give you more traction because there’s no roads, there’s no grass,” he stated. “It’s all just simply snow and ice in Antarctica.”

Running alongside people from all over the world was a terrain he had never encountered before.

“You’re reminded very quickly that you’re not in Texas anymore when you’re in a place like that,” Higgins said.

To cross the finish line first, he battled through the bitter cold wind.

He declared, “It was powerful.” “It was, in fact. You put in a lot of training for it. Witnessing all that effort come together was an incredibly satisfying feeling. Being able to represent our nation also filled me with genuine pride.”

additionally to represent the state. According to Higgins, no Texas resident has ever won the race.

“By no means did I expect to win,” he stated. “It was certainly a very cool feeling that I did pull it off.”

He’s thinking of another race now, in a colder climate.

“I found out there is a marathon on the North Pole, so maybe I’ll try for that one next year,” Higgins stated. “Get a chance to meet Santa.”

It is possible that Higgins could impart some tips on skating to the large man.

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