A New VR Headset with a Flip-Up Visor Display is Unveiled by Sony

A New VR Headset with a Flip-Up Visor Display is Unveiled by Sony

At CES 2024, Sony and Siemens unveiled a collaborative XR (Xtended Reality) headset. The headset, which will launch later this year, was designed with business in mind, as evidenced by a number of its features.

The new headset from Sony is intended for use by engineers, developers, and businesses to explore and model 3D environments. It also aims to test and prototype the iterations of products designed by product designers. In contrast, the Apple Vision Pro and the Meta Quest are designed primarily for the average consumer to watch movies or play games. With the PSVR2, Sony has a presence in that market already.

4K OLED microdisplays and a Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 chipset are included with the Sony headset. Unlike its competitors, it also features a set of physical controls. Both a stylus/controller hybrid and a wearable ring accessory are available.

The visor on this headset can be flipped, which is my personal favorite feature. Sony’s headset has a flip-up display, which makes it easier to remove than other popular headsets. It’s simple to raise the facial interface without taking off the entire headset whenever you need to step away from the virtual world for a little while. Professionals who must swiftly transition from virtual reality to their computer screen may find this to be a useful feature.

With its business-focused approach, Sony’s headset may find its way into more offices even though Apple and its Vision Pro, which launches next month, may still take center stage. Sony did not disclose the headset’s price or release date.

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