Aaron Rodgers disclose one Packers player who’s been wowing him at instructional course

Aaron Rodgers disclose one Packers player who’s been wowing him at instructional course

Before Aaron Rodgers consented to return to Green Bay this season, he had a couple of requests that he needed the group to meet and one of those requests required the Packers to pull off an exchange for Randall Cobb.

The Packers wanted Rodgers back, so they surrendered to his interest and made an exchange for the recipient, who was playing for the Texans at that point. Up until this point, the Rodgers-propelled exchange is resembling a shrewd arrangement. Since the beginning of instructional course, Cobb has clearly been the one recipient who has been reliably wowing Rodgers.

During a new meeting on “The Pat McAfee Show,” the ruling NFL MVP portrayed how well Cobb has been playing practically speaking.

“There’s been so many moments throughout camp where you’re like, ‘Whoa,'” Rodgers said. “Like, ‘Whoa, that was really smart,’ or ‘Whoa, that was an amazing play,’ or ‘Wow, he’s still athletically super-gifted,’ or ‘I’ve never seen a shallow cross run that precisely.'”

Cobb accomplishing something stunning has obviously turned into an every day event at Packers instructional course.

“There’s been like one thing every single day that he’s done that a lot of people have said, ‘Wow, that’s why 12 wanted him so bad. That’s why he’s going to be an important part of what we’re doing,'” Rodgers said. “We need him, 100 percent.”

The Packers let Cobb stroll in free organization back in March 2019 to set aside cash and to get more youthful at the position. Rodgers wasn’t content with the move at that point, which is the reason he demanded that on the exchange that took Cobb back to Green Bay.

During his last five seasons with the Packers (2014-18), Cobb arrived at the midpoint of 752.4 yards and 5.6 scores each year. In the event that he coordinates with those numbers in 2021, it will make Rodgers resemble a virtuoso for bringing him back.

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One thing Rodgers isn’t stressed over is squeezing Cobb. The quarterback doesn’t figure Cobb will feel any additional strain to perform despite the fact that he’s just in Green Bay on account of Rodgers.

“Those types of [crappy] opinions don’t matter. I’m not worried about Randall,” Rodgers said.

Concerning different recipients, Rodgers appears to be more than content with his best four people: Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Cobb.

“I think Allen has had a great camp,” Rodgers said. “I think Marquez has a had a great camp. I feel really good about our first four.”

Rodgers trust in the Packers getting bunch is possible one integral motivation behind why he considers this to be as a “Super Bowl or bust” for Green Bay.

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