Alekh Kumar Parida says COVID-19 has affected the lifestyle bitterly

Alekh Kumar Parida says COVID-19 has affected the lifestyle bitterly

As the recent news about the COVID-19 Spread has stunned a lot of people, as the WHO has announced it as the asymptomatic and Airborne. Alekh Kumar Parida being cautious about such a situation has to give some advice from his side.

On a talk with him, he speaks up about how to take good care of yourself at home by following a healthy lifestyle he says that:

“Staying home is the best option today but while staying home how we are neglecting our health? How we can maintain a healthy lifestyle which will help you to boost your immunity. Keeping a consistent schedule because when you create and stick to a schedule, then you can plan your day out well and increase your productivity too. Also, set up a designated workspace at home, and don’t forget to take breaks in your schedule”

He also says that Sticking to a healthy workout routine will help you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Having a consistent workout routine is not only good for your body but your mind as well. Even if you don’t feel like doing exercises at home, you should move around the house. You can incorporate some planks, jumping jacks, stretches, or even some Zumba sessions. These activities help reduce stress and increase endorphins. You can look up workouts online, and follow them whenever you feel like it.

Alekh Kumar also suggests that acknowledge to COVID-19 symptoms because that’s vital. If you feel that you are coming down with the COVID-19 virus, then visit your medical care expert immediately. This includes calling your doctor immediately so that you can start talking to them about the next steps. This virus has strained hospital resources so it’s always best to get directions for a primary medical professional rather than rushing to the emergency room.

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