Alessia Tresoldi latest project

Alessia Tresoldi latest project

The catwalks of national and international fashion brands, sketches and national television programs, almost 200 thousand followers on her Instagram profile Alefe24. These are just some of the traits of Alessia Tresoldi, a young Italian model and influencer. Alessia’s life is now divided between the fashion world and the classrooms of the University of biotechnology. Her latest project is a film in which she plays an influencer, a perfect role. In her stories she is enthusiastic about this project and we got more information about it.

Photo Credit-Claudio Colombo

Reverse is produced by Giuseppe Lepore and directed by Mauro John Capece, It is an Italian film that will arrive on the big screen, a legal thriller centered on a notorious serial killer of Influencers, who signs his crimes always using a blue knife. Captured, the killer of the blue knife is deemed incapable of understanding and willing. She will be a police inspector, convinced that his madness is all a fiction, to try to lead him to the lucid confession of his murders.

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