Alexard Esther Will Be The Lead Actress In Series ‘Double Hate’

Alexard Esther Will Be The Lead Actress In Series ‘Double Hate’

Acting is a broad term filled with fascination, and the goal of all young people is to become a celebrity or to have a personality like a Movie star. You will find it to be one of the most appealing hobbies among young people. Nevertheless, becoming a model is not an easy task; it takes a great deal of effort and dedication. Take a look at the life of Alexard Esther, one of the most successful actress and well-known personalities in the Haitian industry.

Alexard Esther also know as Jenny Queen is a Haitian short story writer, novelist, chronicler, screenwriter and Actress. Her works are particularly directed towards young women.

Alexard Esther is currently working on her new series “Double Hate” The original title is in French “Double Haine” A story that tells the life of a woman deceived by her husband and she decides to take revenge cruelly, and Alexard Esther will be the main character.

Double Hate is the newest installment in the franchise and will begin streaming on YouTube on February 11.

In the series she will bring other Haitian actors and actresses with her.

Curious about Alexard Esther? This lady has quite an attractive appearance, fitting one of the most captivating personalities on this planet, an individual who attracts attention all over the world with her charm and charisma. Born in Haiti, Alexard Esther now resides in Dominican Republic.

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