Ali Nouri Continues To Record New Singles In Farsi And Kurdish

Ali Nouri Continues To Record New Singles In Farsi And Kurdish

Ali Nouri, an Iranian singer based in Melbourne, Australia has won the hearts of his listeners throughout his music career with beautiful compositions partnered with original lyrics and the connection formed with his listeners through his vocals.

Ali Nouri has performed over various venues, events, concerts, and has made dozens of appearances. Singing in Farsi and Kurdish has made him a big hit among many Persians and Kurdish people all around the world.

Connected with Souls through Music

Passion for music is quite vast. Nowadays, people listen to every sort of music and enjoy it in their own way. Music has changed with time, innovations, and also technology but till this day, the element of rawness in music is what touches the soul of music lovers. The music generated by instruments and the vocals that are sung right from the heart is what moves a person. The genuineness and originality of a song are appreciated the most by listeners and that is exactly what Hamed Shirbeygi fuses in his music.

He is aware of his audience’s love for his music. It’s the feel of them being transported to their hometown and reliving their childhood memories or connecting with their soul. And he can only achieve this by infusing the essence of originality in his music.

For the future, Ali Nouri has various plans through which he will connect with the next generation but for now, it is about the rawness. It is about how he can connect with the listener’s soul through his music.

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