Ali Orokzai The Director/Film Maker

Ali Orokzai The Director/Film Maker

Ali Orokzai ( Persian: علی اورکزی, born in Kabul, Afghanistan‎) is an Afghan American movie maker and actor who has appeared in films such as Why?, Yesterday and Taboo. He is the son of well known Afghan movie maker and actor Saeed Orokzai who is notable for his films such as Mardara Qawl Ast (Men keep their promise), Khakestar (Ash), and Safar (Journey)

Ali Orokzai was introduced to the world of art through his father, Saeed Orokzai who is a well-known Afghan filmmaker and actor. Ali Orokzai’s interest in films, art and editing began at a very young age. I look up to their work and have been mesmerized by their art form. Ali gains inspiration from such talented artists and wants to further his education in the field. I want to be able to create a piece of art, where I am able to showcase my talent to a large audience.

At the age of 7, Ali Orokzai discovered his father’s camera and started playing with it. I felt compelled as I held the camera in my hands. I used to record my surroundings, outdoor sights and anything that caught my eye I wanted to capture it. I enjoyed learning about how the camera works from my father, its features and ability. My father noticed that I had taken an immense amount of interest in how the camera works therefore he slowly introduced me to the editing process, and how to add a voice-over. I started experimenting with creating and editing videos through trial and error.


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