All our massages & other therapies are performed by experienced masseuses or specialist therapists here in Lirio Therapy

All our massages & other therapies are performed by experienced masseuses or specialist therapists here in Lirio Therapy

” Bromley Intuitive Care”

Intuitive Care is a blend of energetic care in Holistic therapies. It is said to be intuitive because it is mainly based on the practitioner’s feelings. Through the placement of the practitioner’s hands and stimulation of the key points along the patient’s meridians, the patient enters into relaxation and soothing which resolves his ailments and his muscular and energetic contractures. This treatment brings the patient to become aware of their physical, emotional, and energetic body while working with the practitioner’s help to balance it.

“Awakening of the Senses”

The “Awakening of the Senses” session is intended for the harmony of hearing and touch. In a gestural choreography (between friction and stimulation), the tissues are oxygenated by releasing tensions. This massage is accompanied by rhythmic music, soft and soothing, inviting the inner listening of the body, and the recognition of its senses “the house of the soul”. This treatment is distinguished by a gestural choreography constituting a single technique bringing together various traditional massages and energy treatments. Treatment possible after 2 or 3 intuitive treatments.

About Reike

The Reiki session is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and to restore physical and emotional well-being.

“Face Lifting Treatment”

Facial massage stimulates the synthesis of elastic fibers in the skin and muscle stimulation thus tones the whole skin of the face. The treatment begins with a light cleansing of the face before proceeding to lymphatic drainage aimed at the opening of the glands to eliminate swelling. Thereafter the therapist does a facial massage, uses acupressure, and works on expression lines to plump your skin. The treatment ends with a massage of the head by applying pressure to the bladder and kidney meridians to remove water retention. You come out of this treatment with a resting face and a feeling of lightness. The products used are pharmaceuticals.

“Balinese massage”

Balinese massage is an ancestral practice from Bali in Indonesia. These techniques combine those of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and mainly Ayurvedic oil massage. In Broomley Lirio center, the massage is practiced by a Balinese therapist specializing in Balinese massage.

Starting from the same principle as that of Ayurvedic massage, Balinese massage also aims at the balance of 3 elements: air, water, and fire. It acts through the Marmas (vital points) on the 3 systems represented by these 3 elements: the nervous system, the digestive system, and the hormonal system.


Reflexology is the art of healing through touch and stimulation of specific areas of the Feet.

Reflexology is a form of massage particularly known for its therapeutic properties, both physical and psychological. It is based on restoring balance to the body by acting on strategic points called reflex zones.

The massage is practiced by a Balinese therapist specializing in reflexology.

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