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All you wanted to know about Ascension

All you wanted to know about Ascension

You heard of “ascension“, or “the shift” but perhaps you are not sure what that means. If you have come here wondering if you are on the ascension process, chances are you are. People began coming together from all around the globe, asking the same question: Am I on the ascension journey? What are the symptoms am experiencing?

Perhaps the same happened to you, you began noticing different aspects of yourself come up, you notice changes on the planet, and in yourself. Perhaps you experience many different sensations and symptoms with no apparent cause; perhaps Google search has brought you here now. So let’s start answering your questions by going back to the basics.

This is a direct channeling from lighted beings by Intuitive Amelia Bert:

What is ascension?

In simple terms, Ascension is the path of your being that returns to the high vibrational, loving oneness state of existence. As you have come into this world, you were faced with many challenges, many paths, and fears begun to join you, they made you doubt who you are, and they made you observe reality through a different lens. Through your physical journey, that lasted lifetimes of reincarnations, you have faced so much resistance, so many hardships that made you distant yourself from your truth. Let’s take a step back here and explain who this true version of you is.

You the earth angel

Imagine an angel, the version of an angel that you know and love. They are beings of unconditional love, inner peace, and truth. They are omnipotent, they are nonphysical beings, and they are wise as they perceive information through nonphysical perspectives. Their understanding has no boundaries, their spiritual gifts range from energy healing to earth guardians, to jumping dimensions and helping other souls expand. They are in their purest form of creation. Through their experiences, they only gain knowledge and become more connected with all that is. They exist in high vibrational dimensions that support their pure being. As a result, they experience and react through all those emotions and characteristics that define those experiences, that wisdom, and those dimensions. Those emotions are ultimate love, bliss, and oneness.

Now let’s assume that you are an angel (which for most of you that might be true). As this angel version of you, you wanted to help others, to help them return to more love, to help them find their life’s path, or you wanted to understand the human perspective so that you can more greatly assist while in spirit, or for any other non-egoistic reason, you chose to reincarnate on earth as a physical being.

Earth and dimensions

Now earth still sustains dimensions of expression and being, that are much, much lower than what you were used to in the nonphysical. If you used to live in the 7th or 9th plane of dimension, now earth exists in the 3rd dimension living. This means that the energy on earth is much heavier. The lower the dimension, the denser the feelings, and the more disconnect there is from the ultimate feelings of love and therefore from your true state of being.

So while you were used to loving frequencies, now you are filled with the lessons and experiences that exist here: struggle, pain, hate, fear and generally so far off from your true purest version of your angel self.

While on this physical earth plane, you still observe from higher dimensions, but it’s not as easy to do so. That is because earth is affected by most beings live on it, and if those other humans observe and exist in the 3rd dimension, then the general earth dimension is usually based on the 3rd plane. And so you begin your physical journey…

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