DND is always the first one to cover Pakistani Showbiz News

DND is always the first one to cover Pakistani Showbiz News

Dispatch News Desk, is Pakistan’s first online news agency that has been active providing online news since 2013 marking 7 years in business now. DND is famous for providing online news in Pakistan revolving around politics, entertainment, showbiz, music, etc. DND is also covering leading world stories and they have quite a huge chunk of traffic for online cricket scores.

Currently, Dispatch News Desk is focusing on the Showbiz Industry of Pakistan especially focusing on the Pakistani Drama industry and covering all the news events related to leading models and actresses. DND is in business for almost a decade and their dedicated team works 24/7 to keep the website alive.

Recently, they posted an article about one of the leading Drama serials with the perfect ending in which they mentioned the following information about the drama Udaari.


Udaari was a meaningful drama with hard-hitting messages. It dealt with the alarming issue of child sexual abuse and at the same time, explored the journeys of strong women. Udaari had many different tracks, all of which had a positive message. It was a drama that was loved by the viewers not only because of its meaningful storyline but also because of its entertainment value.

The last episode of Udaari was filled with positive messages and many questions that directly identified the reasons because of which a rape victim is unable to go to the authorities to get justice. When this drama aired, all the stories involving the issue of sexual abuse in Pakistani dramas ended with the victim getting married in the end or reconciling with their spouse, Udaari for the first time showed an ending all the viewers were longing to see. Zebu’s (the main protagonist who is raped by her step-father when she is a child) future was shown brightly like the shiniest star in the sky because she knew exactly what she wanted from life. Zebu’s story’s ending was the perfect example of the triumph of good over evil; she had been shown as an extraordinary girl who discovered a part of herself she did not know existed only because of everything she went through. Udaari’s ending also showed how important it was for people to support and help each other. This ending was just as meaningful as it was emotional, which is a rare combination.

Having said that, DND news recently made to the top of google about an alleged leaked video of Alizeh Shah. You can find out more by visiting their Pakistan Showbiz section.

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