Aloe Vera: 5 Ways to Consume for Weight Loss

Aloe Vera: 5 Ways to Consume for Weight Loss

The aloe vera plant’s tall, spiky, and thorny leaves hold a potent gel that is full of incredible nutrients and good for your digestion, weight reduction, skin health, and detoxification. It makes sense that aloe vera gel has been used for ages to treat a wide range of illnesses and skin issues. Studies have indicated that consuming aloe vera gel can help prevent the buildup of body fat by increasing the amount of energy expended. Studies have shown that aloe vera gel can also aid in preventing diet-induced obesity. Aloe vera has laxative qualities that can improve digestion and speed up metabolism. Aloe vera extract has been shown in multiple studies to be beneficial in lowering fasting blood glucose and improving insulin sensitivity. (Also read: For these advantages, consume aloe vera juice on an empty stomach.)

“Aloe vera is a plant that is used extensively for various purposes. The sword like plant with prickly leaves is treasure trove of minerals and nutrients. It is enriched with vitamin A, B, C and E, which help boost skin health. It also contains of acemannan, which facilitates better nourishment of cells and release toxins. Aloe vera is also extensively used in many dietary and fitness supplements for its rich protein content. According to multiple studies, aloe vera has also been linked to promoting weight loss,” says Rishika Meetu, Dietician, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai.


Reasons why aloe vera is a good choice for weight loss are explained by Rishika Meetu:

1.Aloe vera facilitates better digestion

When used in moderation, aloe vera’s laxative qualities may help with digestion. Weight gain is typically associated with gastrointestinal health issues. A healthy digestive tract contributes to optimal waste elimination from the body and appropriate meal metabolism, both of which aid in weight loss.

2. Blood sugar levels are improved and controlled by aloe vera

Aloe vera juice stimulates the release of insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels. Aloe vera also aids in the regulation of food cravings and the avoidance of hunger sensations by averting abrupt spikes and drops in blood sugar.

3. Fights the retention of water

One of the main things that might cause weight gain is water retention. Aloe vera juice is a laxative, which makes it perfect for combating water retention. It’s crucial to remember, though, that consuming too much aloe vera juice is not advised.

4. Increases metabolism

It is claimed that aloe vera increases metabolism, which facilitates the body’s ability to burn fat. The presence of vitamin B in aloe vera is thought to contribute to its ability to burn fat since it helps burn stored fat in the body and promote weight loss.

5. Aids in bodily detoxification

Acemannan, a complex carbohydrate found in aloe vera gel, helps cells absorb nutrients, nourishes them, and aids in their detoxification.


Aloe vera gel and leaves can be used in many different recipes, such as salads, stir-fries, smoothies, soups, and salsas. Make sure you always get rid of the latex coating.

Dietitian Rishika offers these five aloe vera recipes to help you lose weight:

1. Consume aloe vera before to eating

You should take a teaspoon of aloe vera juice around 14 minutes before each meal in order to lose weight. Your weight will start to drop quickly if you do this.

2. Aloe vera can be taken with vegetable juice

Aloe vera juice can also be consumed by blending it with vegetable juice. You can take aloe vera juice in this manner if you find it difficult to swallow due to its flavor.

3. To take aloe vera, combine it with some warm water

On an empty stomach, you may also take it by combining a teaspoon of aloe vera juice with a glass of warm water every morning. To gain the majority of aloe vera’s advantages, this is the ideal way to take it.

4. You can consume aloe vera by combining it with honey

Aloe vera juice can also be consumed by combining it with honey in order to lose weight. To enhance the flavor of aloe vera, add a few drops of honey to it.

5. Eat lemon and aloe vera

For even faster and more effective results, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice to aloe vera juice. But because it has negative side effects, it needs to be included in a healthy diet and used in moderation.

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