IPhone From Apple Is The Most Popular Smartphone Ever Sold

IPhone From Apple Is The Most Popular Smartphone Ever Sold

The iPhone has become the best-selling smartphone of all time with billions of units sold and active users.

According to market news website Visual Capitalist, the iPhone 6 is currently ranked third out of the top 15 best-selling mobile phones of all time with 222 million units sold. It is barely ahead of the non-smartphone classics, the Nokia 1100 and 1110.

Additionally, six more places on the ranking list are occupied by other iPhone models.

As per CNBC, Samsung’s 12-year reign as the top smartphone seller came to an end recently when Apple overtook them.

Apple sold more iPhones in 2023 than Samsung did, with 236.4 million sold against 226.6 million.

While Apple has consistently outperformed Samsung in terms of revenues and profits, this is the first time that it has led in sales volume.

Apple has sold more than 2.3 billion iPhones in total to this point. Demand Sage, a company that offers data reporting and analytics solutions, states that there are more than 1.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide, or 21.67% of the total population.

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