An Exclusive Interview with Leading Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacobs

An Exclusive Interview with Leading Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacobs

Management consulting firms are in higher demand than ever before due to the shock recession which rolled in on the building wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. Consulting firms such as Deloitte and KPMG have been providing shelter for those trying to weather these unmitigated changes. Another trusted source of financial advice has also emerged; Jake Tayler Jacobs. Jacobs global management consulting firm currently nets over two million dollars a year in business, Jacobs is also on the Forbes Business Council.

We had the chance to talk to him in our exclusive interview below;

Q 1. Your masterclass How To Become The Bank aims to teach people how to make money through lending, what inspired this concept for you?

A : My father. From a young age my father took his money out of the bank as soon as it hit the checking account, he took it out and kept it in a safe then he grew his money by lending.

Q 2. What assets would you recommend people invest in during this tumultuous time in 2020?

A: There is no better asset than you, yourself. Taking this time to invest in your financial education and personal growth as an entrepreneur is the greatest asset you can currently invest in.

Q 3. Can you tell us a little bit about the popular trend of financial growth though group economics?

A: Group economics is not a new idea but it will likely soon surge in popularity. You could group together with a friend to purchase a house, then pool your money and build businesses that can fund more properties and create financial growth.

Q 4. How can today’s small business owners succeed in growing their business?

 A:  Learn the difference between working in and working on your business. Working in your business you focus just on its day to day operations,when working on your business you see the bigger picture of your business and how it can grow.

Q 5. What advice can you give to businesses trying to survive the Covid 19 pandemic?

A :Focus on your recession proof skills; like the ability to manage your time, stay organized and self-motivate. I truly believe that we need to see this as a moment where we can pivot and take advantage of the marketplace.

Thank you Jake Tayler Jacobs for your time.

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