Anand Mehrotra, a living visionary, is changing the world in a myriad of ways

Anand Mehrotra, a living visionary, is changing the world in a myriad of ways

Anand Mehrotra is not only a supreme master and a yoga teacher but also a fountain of inspiration. He is passionate about finding new ways to express and realise his vision. His ingenuity for uniting people and generating opportunities for growth and evolution have driven him to start many projects that involve the participation of local people, charitable organizations, and worldwide businesses.

In addition to being the founder of Sattva Yoga, Sattva Yoga Academy, Sattva Retreat, a paradise listed as one of the top ten in the world, Sattva Connect, an online portal offering the teachings of yoga around the globe, and Sattva Summit, a unique conscious gathering, Mr. Mehrotra has also founded the Sattva Organic Farm, the Khushi Foundation, the Sattva Foundation, Yogini Ayurveda, the Sattva Collection, and Sattva Jyotish gems.

These are ethical businesses that seek to inspire and make a difference in many spheres. Ayurvedic personal care items and jewellery are now part of their extensive product offering.

Sattva Jyotish Gems provides the highest-quality, 100% natural gemstones. They work hard and meticulously to source their gems. They have a team of Vedic experts who are steeped in tradition and rooted in India. A group of Vedic gemology specialists handpicks each of their gemstones and every gem that they choose goes through rigorous quality testing to meet the high criteria  purity standards for Jyotish.

Since their establishment more than 30 years ago, they have been gratifying consumers from all over the world. Before being transported, all of their gemstones are blessed with a mantra and submerged in the holy Ganges River. They are dedicated to serving their clients by offering Jyotish gems and helping them live lives that are completely fulfilled and in accordance with their own ultimate values.

In the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, you will find their base.

“Jyotish helps us see who we are and reveals the possibility of evolution of the atman (soul). It is used as a tool to refine and become more illuminated,” says Anand.

Mehrotra further added that gemstones are used on the body as cures and magnifiers to increase a particular planetary energy. Gemstones are naturally produced and originate from the earth’s womb, similar to a supplement we may take. Due to their magnetic properties, gemstones serve as a support tool and energetic augmentation for any planetary energy or quality that we wish to enhance.

“When people wear our works of beauty, we help them rediscover their innermost wisdom and give them the freedom to live their most colourful, dynamic lives. Our brilliance manifests itself through an inspired existence that is deepened by mindfulness, consciousness, and acts of kindness. Indian artisans create each and every item in our line by hand. We enjoy giving our craftsmen the tools they need to express their creativity and see their ideas come to life.” – Mehrotra

The Sattva Collection is a conscious lifestyle jewellery line that is wonderfully rooted in integrated meditative practices. In their words, “The items featured in our collection not only embellish but also enrich and strengthen conscious meditation practice.”

Moreover, each of the 108-gemstone necklaces are crafted with care and has a unique meaning that can have a very uplifting effect on the user. As they travel to teach yoga, learn, study, serve, and reconnect with old friends, their strong connections to India and other communities allow them to constantly renew their collection.

The Sattva Collection brand was created with the hope of inspiring everyone they come in contact with to embrace the profound shift occurring both within and without.

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