Andrew Lewis has worked his way as an entrepreneur topping the marketing and advertising zone

Andrew Lewis has worked his way as an entrepreneur topping the marketing and advertising zone

Heading his agency ‘Turnkey’ swiftly, he is now on the verge to introduce a groundbreaking innovation.

There have been many innovations across the tech space which have changed the course of the industry. We have one such interesting innovation coming up soon to be introduced by none other than Andrew Lewis, who has aced in the entrepreneurial sphere by taking the advertising and marketing industry to the next level. As the founder of his agency ‘Turnkey’, he has managed many global brands account’s and taken their success ratio to optimum levels owing to his outstanding and exemplary skills. He has set his base in Los Angeles, California, from where he looks after the workings of his advertising and marketing business which has global clients under its roof.

Apart from heading his agency, he is also stepping into the software sphere by introducing his software company Seeek which will again set a new milestone in his entrepreneurial journey. Talking about his soon-to-be launched project, Andrew says, “after making our mark into global markets, we are now taking a step ahead by bringing an innovative, technologically advanced product which will take the advertising zone to the next level. Our team has worked hard on this project, and I’m sure it will be a boon for the industry which has been relying upon tech giants like Facebook and Google to take care of their digital marketing needs.” comprises of an intelligent software that will work efficiently in a better way, at a reduced cost as compared to the existing platforms. Andrew informs that Seeek will boost many future brands success that will hover around the Web 3.0 space. According to him the marketing zone depends upon behavioral targeting and his software is designed to stress on that area by tracking users behavior by providing real-time list of specific keywords and terms associated with the products owned by specific companies that people are searching, and get them qualified traffic vetted over millions of behaviors. “People will realize it’s powerful features once they use it, and we’re confident that it will shatter its competitors within no time,” says Andrew confidently.

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