Here’s why you need to know about Exit 5B’s journey as a Rapper

Here’s why you need to know about Exit 5B’s journey as a Rapper

Today, the rap industry is breaking records. Youngsters love this form of music. Rap artists talk about various societal issues, about their struggles and narrate such stories through their songs. Rap is a combination of powerful words and catchy beats that attracts the audience. What makes rap different from other genres of music is the speed. Most raps are extremely fast and it requires a huge amount of practice and talent to deliver a large number of words, keeping the beat and also making sure that all of it can be heard properly. Rappers never want their audience to miss out on any lyric, else the main essence of the song, that is, the message of their stories would not get conveyed.

As rappers, their musical journey is not as smooth as musicians of other genres. This is because not everyone widely accepts rap. Moreover, it is well known that talent is not the only factor behind success. Especially in the entertainment industry, financial support, contacts and sources have a strong effect. This is also the reason why so many who are not as good, get opportunities easily than those who work day and night to create extraordinary pieces of music.

Born on January 16, 1989 in Louisville, KY, Martel Conya Porter or known by his stage names Rich Porter or Exit 5B, is an American rapper and producer who has had an equally tough path towards success. At the young age of thirteen, Exit 5B began writing raps and doing freestyle. At 21, Rich Porter began his journey by participating in rap battles with the popular Dope16. Pen and paper were his first basic tools as a producer. Through his rap battles, people got to know him and enjoyed his performances. ‘The H’ was Porter’s first ever album that he released in 2016 along with a famous DJ, DJ MLK. On receiving love and admiration for this album, he went on to release a part two that became an even bigger hit.

In 2017, he released ‘The H Volume Two’, a four song EP, each of which have plenty of listeners on various music streaming platforms. This album has quite a heavy production that could have easily interfered with the vocals. But Rich Porter did not make any comprises with the lyrics because he knew how important they are. So, he made sure that the vocals could be heard clearly as keeping his story and narration intact was his priority. Today, it is baby’s penchant for using music as a form of expression and lyrics that speak a million more words than what they seem on the surface, that is his USP.

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