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Appropriate methods in losing fat and maintain it, according to Mahdi Farshidinasab, a famous Iranian bodybuilder and trainer

Appropriate methods in losing fat and maintain it, according to Mahdi Farshidinasab, a famous Iranian bodybuilder and trainer

Nutritionists always claim that the diet they suggest has no side effects and never harm, but to what extent those methods are effective and reliable, and can people reach their ideal weight by merely following special diets?

The truth is that you can’t lose fat by only following one item such as diet, and to reach that purpose, you need to change your whole lifestyle base on losing fat and sustaining your healthiness.

Losing fat is not a linear trend. When you cut down on consuming calories, in the first weeks you can see weight loss but this immediately changes. You don’t lose or gain fat as much as the calories you receive. The reason is that during the weight loss phase, water and muscle tissues are decreased as well and probably you may gain fat due to the decrease in your metabolism and your body changes into different status. So, to continue losing fat, you need to manage your consumed calories every single week.

Calories are not always the same. For instance, drinking 100 calories of fruit juice with high-level fructose has a different effect from eating 100 calories of Broccoli. For losing fat and maintaining your desired weight, the trick you must follow is to specifically control calories and use substitutions such as receiving calories from vegetables instead of lollipops.

Find someone to encourage you. Being socially encouraged is your biggest motivation.

Set goals to motivate you. Short-term goals, for example, you want to take place in a party, improving your self-confidence, or improving your health and your children’s as well. When you have goals, you will be more accurately committed to your diet and sports programs. 

Adjust your plan and eating environment compatible with your success in losing fat:

Determine the time you eat, the amount of your food and provide a list of the accessible nutrients are basic steps to follow.

Try to prepare your food at home so that you can have complete control over the tips mentioned above.

Food that is prepared in restaurants and ready-meals contains unhealthy fats, sugar, and much more calories than homemade meals.

Be careful with the dishes you eat food with, try eating in smaller dishes so that you eat a little amount of food.

Studies show that consuming a lot of calories for breakfast and less for dinner on daily basis helps you in losing fat. Eating a healthy and big meal for breakfast improves your metabolism and decreases the feeling of hungriness during the day, and provides you with more time to burn calories.

Mahdi Farshidinasab, born on the 31st of July 1986 in Iran, and currently, lives in Australia.

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