Arman Daryabari (Arciday) talks about drill style

<strong>Arman Daryabari (</strong><strong>Arciday</strong><strong>) talks about drill style</strong>

We are going to introduce rap drill to you. Persian rap music is one of the most popular genres in the whole world, which has its own popular style, and it has been created for about 40 years, starting from the hip-hop style, and has evolved to this day. It has been created for 22 years with 22 different styles, one of which is rap and hip hop drill rap.

Rap Drill is one of the rap genres that was started for the first time since 2010 by Young Chop from Chicago. Such tragic events convey the streets of Chicago in a very realistic way to the audience, and as we have heard a lot, the streets of Chicago are full of corruption, killings, and all kinds of tragic events, and this style of rap in The principle is the beginning of expressing and spreading these feelings to the listener.

Rap Drill in the UK After the emergence of the rap drill style in Chicago in 2012 in the Brixton area of ​​the UK and like the Chicago rap drill style, the British beat drill is very rough and dark, with the difference that the English rap drill bit much faster It has a special bit of English rappers in it, to the extent that some English rappers called this style UK or grime garage, but due to the high similarity between the two styles, they avoided creating a new style, and it is interesting in this Despite the fact that England is a very orderly country, there is still violence and anger in the streets in this country, and like Chicago drill rap in England, rappers of this rap style to express themselves. Now they use the angry and dark air of the streets.

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