Assad Al Hanini looking to maintain undefeated record in Return Fight

<strong>Assad Al Hanini looking to maintain undefeated record in Return Fight</strong><strong></strong>

Assad Al Hanini is on the road to making his MMA return after his last fight being in 2015. For now his opponent will likely be German star Daniel Weichel at Bellator event at the beginning of next year, in the United States, he is looking forward to a new experience in familiar ground.

Al Hanini has won each of his three fights in sensational fashion, including his last win against Izzat Sami in 2015 at AUFC. Now, he’s looking to showcase his talent to get past the next challenge and start a new road to the world title, this time in a different weight class.

Assad Al Hanini is the first MMA fighter from Palestine to compete in four different promotions including Cage Warriors. The lightweight fighter who emerged to be one of the biggest prospects when he started gives a spark of hope to all the up and coming athletes in the Middle East.

The fighter who trains all over the world currently set to train at Fortis MMA in Dallas, Texas reflected on his home country of Palestine and dedicated his upcoming fight to all those who supported him during the days of struggle and to those underprivileged youth who strive to achieve their dreams. Assad Al Hanini became iconic for high-intensity bouts and theatric finishes.

“I am a Palestinian and always try to put focus on Palestine and the people of Palestine. I feel that when I fight, behind each punch and behind each throw I hit, there is the big voice of support for the Palestinians. I am very proud to be Palestinian. I fight with the name of my country on the frontline, for people to know their story. This happens a lot. I raise the flag of Palestine and people always ask me hey, what’s that flag and why do you raise it? That gives me the chance to tell my story and talk about my people and that is one of the main reasons I do it”, said Assad.

Assad Al Hanini is currently undefeated in MMA with three wins in the featherweight division all finishes making him on a three fights win streak in his professional career.

“I want to give a voice to our people and I will continue to do so. That is something I am very proud of. I believe my greatest strength is to defy the odds. All my previous opponents were brilliant competitors who pushed me. Fighting the toughest fights earns you respect and make the victory even sweeter. I am prepared and will be at my very best”, Al Hanini added.

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