At last, Google is discontinuing Google Play Movies & TV

At last, Google is discontinuing Google Play Movies & TV

Google is going to discontinue Google Play Movies & TV completely. Users of iOS and Android devices were already switched to the Google TV app, and in October, the app was withdrawn from Android TV as well as from every Roku device and the majority of smart TVs. However, Google outlined in a recently released support page how you’ll be able to enjoy the TV series and films you’ve purchased on Google Play Movies & TV after the brand permanently disappears in January.

Start watching items you’ve bought or want to rent from the Shop page on your Android TV-powered TV or streaming device on January 17th, according to Google. Start watching or renting via the YouTube app that same day if you have a cable box or set-top box that runs Android TV. Additionally, YouTube is the place to go when using a browser.

For a time now, Google has been gradually driving people away from Google Play Movies & TV, and 9to5Hopefully, the shift won’t be too abrupt as Google notes that the Google Play Movies & TV app on Android TV has already begun heading to the Shop page.

Not just Google is streamlining its platforms and apps for entertainment. With the introduction of a redesigned TV app, users can now purchase and rent series and movies in addition to accessing features like Apple TV Plus.

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