Attention rising filmmaker!!! Purgehood Motion Pictures announced an exclusive workshop

Attention rising filmmaker!!! Purgehood Motion Pictures announced an exclusive workshop

There is already an abundance of talent; they just need to be found and forged. How much do you agree with the aforementioned sentence? Well, Purgehood Motion Pictures shows its firm belief in it and therefore, they are planning to conduct a seminar-workshop for rising filmmakers.

Getting nosy, we found that its makers are in continual conversation with the esteemed artists of the entertainment industry to arrange a seminar where they will guide the individuals who truly wish to make a career in the filmy world. Don’t you think that being able to learn from someone proficient is of great use? Purgehood Motion Pictures has always focused on bringing new talents to the top, and this seminar will further strengthen its motto.

The seminar is expected to be for three days and will include an enlightening Q&A session with famous celebs. It is also said to include a workshop that will allow the rising talents to show off their skills. Moreover, a few extraordinary ones might also get a chance to work with Purgehood Motion Pictures. Now, that sounds amazing! Doesn’t it?

The founders of this production house say, “We believe that these emerging artists might have the creativity and newness that can steer the entire entertainment industry in a new way. However, a lot of competition and the clout of existing names might hinder the growth of these talents.”

Purgehood Motion Pictures also does mass production for TV commercials and service production in India for feature films, photography, documentary films, music videos, and digital films.

Purgehood Motion Pictures has several projects looming over the horizon, and we are expecting them to be unveiled soon. This recently launched production house has already established strong goodwill in the entertainment sector of India. To get more details on their seminar, you can check their social media page.

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