The music of “Ashk Setare” is from the album Budabar, which song is it from?

<strong>The music of “Ashk Setare” is from the album Budabar, which song is it from?</strong>

Budabar is one of the most popular and authentic albums in the world, which presented the special and oriental style to its audience in 2022 between 28 tracks, which is in collaboration and directed by Javad Ghasemi.

Javad Qasmi has doubled the melodiousness by taking a verse from Hazrat Saadi in this piece.

With this issue, Javad Ghasemi proved that Iran and the talented Iranian youths are concerned with their works with the highest level of quality in the world of music.

Javad Qasmi’s tearful music from France is listed.

Javad Qasmi has directed more than 100 music videos in this style of music

Also, his poster design for the short film Te Yere has been present at the short film festival in France this year.

After completing his studies in 2007, Javad Ghasemi started his photography career and worked in a studio in Qazvin, and after a while he went to Tehran to expand his career and interest, and attended all the concerts of actors and singers and took and published Beautiful photos gained a good reputation.

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