“Bar Sabze Neshin” The Musical Revolution, the divine Revelation By DJ Phellix & Maryama

“Bar Sabze Neshin” The Musical Revolution, the divine Revelation By DJ Phellix & Maryama

“Bar Sabze Neshin”, a modern deep house track by “DJ Phellix” and “Maryama” has changed the way of observing the new age electronic music and oriental divisions of EDM ever since was released and published by the deep division of “Adrenaline Records” on late October 2019.

It got featured on Buddha Bar album number twenty three and also found third track spot on Buddha Bar’s album Deep Sessions in 2020 which was also charted on top hundred Beatport deep house releases.

The magnificent and huge positive feedback from audience proved that the music is not about the race or lyrics as it was sang in Persian language “Farsi” and proved that souls no matter what ethnicity, will always get connected by the language of music.

The poetry used in lyrics, was derived out of two wonderful well known poems from “The Rubaiyat” by famous Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet called “Omar Khayyam” of which we know a memorable worldwide fame and reputation.

As obvious, using one of the very traditional poems and singing it in a solid traditional style, combining it with the modern structures of EDM and deep house specifically, and moreover, using of the historical and magical instrument “Tar” rooted in the land of Persia from centuries ago, shows the real purpose of this divine combination.

Mohammad Reza Sadeghi aka “Dj Phellix” and Maryam Mirbagheri aka “Maryama” were following one very resolute goal of which we believe they received every part. Their goal was to show it is always possible to combine tradition and modernity, race and language, art and culture in a perfect way that no matter where you are, what language you speak and what history you have, you will always be able to embrace and enjoy.

The process of making this track took more than 7 months. Dj Phellix as the arrangement artist and mixing guy have had different similar oriental projects before so he could bring the most perfect and beautiful beats to this track. Maryama also, on the other hand as the singer and melodist, brought all her fifteen years of experience in singing, music production and artistry to the vocals.

Behrooz Shiri, the professional Tar player, the magical instrument of historic middle east specially Iran, caught the souls by playing the most mesmerizing tones and chords.

And last but not least, the professional sound engineering team associated and partnered to Adrenaline Records called “Best Q” managed by Ali Javadi (Djavadi) aka Dj.A.Dj, made this master piece irreplaceable quality wise.

The team of masters and professionals in this project, finally made it get the place it actually deserved.

In conclusion, Adrenaline Records and its deep division called “Adrenaline Deep”, have always had the vision of bringing and reliving the ancient and cultural roots of Persian artistry and musical powerful melodies and structures back to the hot spot. No matter what genre or category, this team believes they will always find a way to connect past and future.

They know the real values of art lies in the history of each region and we, as the new generation and race, have the responsibility to revive and protect those priceless virtues. Adrenaline is and always will be proud and honored for having brilliant minded stars in its academy such as DJ Phellix and Maryama and is promising more massive artistic fusions and mind blowing tracks for the close future.

You will hear more from this powerful dual soon as well.

Until that day, how about listening to this track and feeling what we are actually talking about… You will replay it & it’s guaranteed.

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