Baravia Beauty Center Opens The 11th Arab Fashion Week From Space

Baravia Beauty Center Opens The 11th Arab Fashion Week From Space

Baravia Beauty Center that is located in Dubai and owned by the celebrity beauty and fashion entrepreneur Gulnora Mukhedinova dazzled the world with creative touches of makeup and hair styles to match the “Space Star” high end collection of fashion that won hearts and minds of all beauty and fashion critics during the virtual version of the 11th Arab Fashion Week 

The celebrity entrepreneur and fashion designer Gulnora Mukhedinova and her new collection “Space Star” where the highlight of the 11th edition of the Arab Fashion Week Dubai 

Space Star” the name of the new collection as declared by Gulnora who said “We are taking the Haute Couture this season to a whole new level, our imagination has no limits, and indeed it reached the space this time”

Reporters and fashion critics expressed their admiration with the fabrics, lines and designs shared by Gulnora, and agreed they loved the creative fashion show that happened this year as a live stream over the official channels of the Arab Fashion Week where no audience will be attending the show at the catwalk, but only via online platforms due to the recent precautions measurements related to the global pandemic 

“We are taking you into a journey of fashion, art and imagination, and we have nothing to stop us from exceeding our fans’ expectations, and take them out of the lockdown barriers, to travel with their dreams into the space, with our new collection” Gulnora added while spotting the lights at the importance of celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Arab Fashion Week in a “Very unique way this year, as we always believe this event is one of the best in the region that shows real talents, and extraordinary levels of creativity” 

Hundreds of thousands around the world were E-attending the live stream of the “Space Star” collection that Baravia Fashion and Gulnora dazzled the audience with. And admired the creative makeup and hair solutions presented by Baravia Beauty Center

Critics said this year’s collection was the best of the best represented by the celebrity designer Gulnora, and agreed that this year’s designs were a challenge not only to the pandemic and lockdown but also to all competitors around, sending a clear message that Baravia Fashion and Baravia Beauty Center exceeded all expectations and became indeed, one of the leaders in the fashion industry not only in Dubai and GCC but the whole world.

Baravia Beauty Center is a full service beauty center specializing in making women look great by providing out-of-this world with high quality professional service rendering and attaining brand recognition, a magical venue of dedication towards beauty and youth whenever women choose to use their time and money over various services and dedicated towards making each visit a memorial & enriching one. And it is located in Al Wasl Road Umm Al Sheif Dubai UAE.

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