Barion McQueen: Quickly turning into a Top Speaker at Business Conferences

Barion McQueen: Quickly turning into a Top Speaker at Business Conferences

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful and motivating speaker. The fact is public speaking has fairly little to do with your intelligence or even your skill as a businessman. You can have a brilliant mind for business, but completely freeze up when it comes to talking in public. Hey, it happens.

The point is skilled businessmen with a way for words are hard to come by. One such person, though, is the CEO of marketing and branding agency, The Brand Castle.

Barion McQueen is a man with quite a unique backstory to his name. Having previously dabbled in the music business, he is not a man who’s afraid of appearing in public or entertaining crowds. And perhaps that is what has made him one of the best conference speakers in the game today.

Sadly, it’s not all about the presentation, but about how you carry yourself. And Barion McQueen carries himself with something akin to a completely new level of class. What stands out about Barion, if you go to hear him, is the incredible ease he has when he’s in front of a bunch of people. Talking.

And you’re sitting there thinking you couldn’t be that laid-back and relaxed in front of such a crowd.

Again, maybe it’s his background as a rapper that helps him, or maybe it’s just the staggering amount of knowledge he has in his chosen field. Because in the eight years since founding The Brand Castle, Barion McQueen has time and again proven his skill in shaping a brand. A true master when it comes to social media campaigns and reaching new customers, it is evident from the moment he opens his mouth that Barion cares about what he’s saying.

You can easily see it’s not some carefully prepared speech this guy’s reciting up there, but that he’s actually pouring his heart and soul, his passion and creativity in it. This is what makes him such an engaging speaker at business conferences.

It is said that it doesn’t so much matter what someone’s saying, but how they’re saying it, meaning that if someone is charming enough or if they care about their topic enough, then they can easily keep you captivated while talking about some of the dullest things in this world.

Let’s be clear, Barion McQueen doesn’t talk about dull things. Well, if you think turning your company into a million-dollar business is dull, that’s up to you, but we certainly don’t.

And he talks about it in such a way that not only does he actually manage to convey a message and teach you some things, but he also motivates you. Inspires you to think that you, too, have what it takes to grow in this business.

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