BavMajithia’s inspirational journey to becoming a leading entrepreneur in the UK

BavMajithia’s inspirational journey to becoming a leading entrepreneur in the UK

What leads a person to strike out on his own and start a business? Entrepreneurship creates an opportunity for a person to make a contribution. Most new entrepreneurs help the local economy. A few, through their innovations, contribute to society as a whole. One such example is BavMajithia, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of multiple companies and investor in properties.

A businessman at heart, Bavstrides with the power of strategic and tactical thinking along with a process-driven approach to any challenge that’s put in front of him, be it managing a team or refining processes; gathering the nuggets of his knowledge and experience to fit business needs. Renowned for his ventures in numerous companies and properties throughout UK, Bav is currently getting to grips with Visual Muse, as the Managing Director for the Creative Powerhouse. His venture with Mental Energy turned out to be a great success just in a matter of four weeks, inspite of the lockdowns during Covid-19, Bav managed to pace the project like a streak of lightening.  BavMajithia and his selection of companies undoubtedly stand out in the industry due to its great emphasis on building partnerships with clients rather than transactions. Having the will to persistently going above and beyond expectations, BavMajithia has built a wholesome reputation for all his companies and investments.

Born and raised in Leicester, UK in 1973, Bav’s family was his biggest inspiration,whose concrete values laid the foundations for the hard-working ethics he’s proud of today.Bavin his early years, enjoyed socializing with friends and was passionate to be independent and make money for himself. Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.At the age of 21, he made his way to London tomark his success in the Telecom industry for over 30 years.From 2005 to 2019, Bav has left no stone unturned to work for the company Genuine Solutions Group. Bav has reached the zenith of his career as a serial entrepreneur, further broadening his horizonto magnify his empire.

After years of undeniable hard work, Bavis a roaring success and will always continue to aim higher. BavMajithia is truly a role model for all the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to achieve their dreams.

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