Rapper Skeetabugg leaves the US for France with dreams of being a poet

Rapper Skeetabugg leaves the US for France with dreams of being a poet

Skeetabugg is a hip hop rapper and music producer, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He is most known for his song “Black Madoff” which was featured in the film “My Last Day Without You” which starred the actress Nicole Beharie (“Sleepy Hollow” on Fox and “Black Mirror”on Netflix”.

Today however, he considers himself as more of a poet than a rapper. In 2016, he was inspired by the famous black American poet James Baldwin, who also left the US for France to escape racial injustices. Skeetabugg chronicles his journey in France by posting videos on his YouTube channel which explain everything from finding an apartment, learning a new language, and getting a job. He also regularly posts pictures about his travels in Europe on his Instagram page @Skeetabugg

Following the George Floyd event in 2020, he was inspired to elevate the image of black culture through music. “ When people think of rappers, they think of violence, misogyny, and drugs, but our culture is about more than that and there is a hunger for much more conscious rap that speaks about more than just the ghetto. Take me for example, I came from the suburbs, and I’m not ashamed of it, and that’s okay. I’m still a real person that rhymes.”, Skeetabugg says.

This year he released his song “Tell Me Where Can I Go” which describes his struggles of trying to break it into the music industry in New York. You can watch the video below.

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