Helping Those Who Don’t Seem to Need It: Travis Guterman

Helping Those Who Don’t Seem to Need It: Travis Guterman

Travis Guterman has a passion for helping people.

But some of the people he helps most are people most would think wouldn’t need any help: the ultra successful celebrities and media personalities of our day. Travis serves as a business manager, advisor, and guru to help rising celebrities who achieve great financial success ensure that they maintain their financial health and invest into themselves for a lifetime of impact.

Travis explains,

“I help my clients achieve their financial goals by ensuring that when they get to the end of their career, however long it may be, that they have something to show for it. Some of the items that I help my clients with are setting up business entities, taxes, insurance, investments, buying houses/cars, and budgeting. My clients include TikTokers, YouTubers, writers, directors, and professional athletes.”

A financial expert and Merrill Lynch alum with a client list most people his parents’ age would envy, Travis graduated with Honors, Distinction, and magna cum laude from the University of Arizona, Tucson with a BS in Agribusiness Economics and Management. He received his Master of Business Taxation from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Travis’ advice for up-and-coming celebrities?

“I would tell them to get in the habit of paying themselves first. In other words, before going out and buying flashy things, first set aside money for taxes and investing. It may seem like this money is going to keep coming forever, but nobody knows how long their career will last in entertainment and sports. Therefore, it’s critical that they manage it extremely well so that they are able to have something to show for their work at the end of this journey. I want my clients to be able to accomplish all of their personal and financial goals. The only way they can do that is by getting their financial matters in order first.”

As someone who has lived the advice he gives, and as a Millennial who understands the world of social-media celebrity stardom like few can, he’s uniquely positioned to be an expert for a very long time.

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