Bicaro Holding announces the strategic partnership with Mission Peak Co. LTD and Tom Kruesopon

Investment in cannabis production is accepted as lawful in Thailand, and as a result, there is enormous potential in this field for investors to make money. One company in Thailand, Bicaro Holding, offers its clients the chance to invest in cannabis production. The company uses the funds to invest in the large-scale growing of Cannabis in various greenhouses across the nation.

The first greenhouse of Bicaro Holding is situated at 55/55 Moo 1 Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road (Khlong 3), Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani 12130. The business invests in the greenhouse where Cannabis is widely grown using the funds from its investors. This not only yields a large amount of Cannabis but also increases the possibility for investors to make extraordinarily profitable profits.

For further information about Bicado’s greenhouse, visit the website here.

Bicaro Holding is glad to announce that the company has inked a strategic collaboration agreement with Mission Peak Co. LTD and Tom Kruesopon to establish Cannabis farms in the country. In accordance with a statement made public by William Wang, the Co-Founder of the company, this deal will permit the Bicaro to cultivate Cannabis on a farm where the finished product will be of the highest caliber and be based on a predetermined set of guidelines.

Besides quality and guidelines, the company’s agreement with these two parties also ensures that there is a sales channel for the products grown by the farms through the Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center, which has a license allowing the sale of Cannabis in Thailand.

The team behind Bicaro Holding is comprised of multi-talented serial entrepreneurs. The team has experience working on investment projects involving a variety of industries and is skilled and knowledgeable about the Thai economy. The company ensures that its customers’ investments in cannabis farms are secure thanks to its highly skilled crew and secure strategic alliance.

Bicaro Holding is a company or entity that deals in Cannabis investment projects. The company is based in Thailand and currently has one running a greenhouse. The company offers its customers opportunities to invest in Cannabis farming that too on a large scale.

The main objective of Bicaro Holding is to ensure its customer’s value and profits generated through Cannabis.

Potential customers interested in making an investment in Cannabis farming can visit the official website here. Also, they can follow on Instagram and Facebook for latest updates.

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