Bitcoin slipped below the critical 20K support. Crisis or Opportunity? Good time to buy low

Recent volatilities in the market price of Bitcoin has seen the digital gold flirt with the critical 20K support. This has been in line with the broader market as investor sentiment hits an all time low in the wake of the US Federal Reserves announcement that interest rate will continue to be hiked and maintained for as long as it is necessary to keep inflation in check. While this drives negative sentiment for current HODLERS of Bitcoin, it also presents an opportunity for those looking to invest in the digital gold.

With the influx of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, investors are faced with a myriad of options when it comes to investing in digital assets. Considerable due diligence and systematic risk tolerance are required for anyone to achieve consistency returns in the space. However, not everyone has a high level of risk appetite and Bitcoin has proven to yield the highest return nine out of the past eleven years compared to traditional asset classes. The brand recognition, security, limited supply and legacy as the original cryptocurrency makes Bitcoin a crowd favourite for anyone who is looking for investment exposure to the cryptocurrency space without the extreme volatility compared to the altcoin market.

Investors can directly invest in Bitcoin by purchasing it with fiat through various exchanges. Another option is through mining Bitcoin where an investor can set up specific computer hardwires to solve blocks of algorithmic equations in order to receive Bitcoins as a reward for solving the mathematical puzzle. Mining and holding removes the challenge of figuring out the ideal time and price point to purchase Bitcoin and allow investors to accumulate BTC based on their hashing power. A comparison can be drawn between mining & holding to dollar cost averaging, except you do not need to make any additional investments outside your initial setup cost to acquire the hashing power. It is important to note that it is an extremely competitive space where having the right hardware setup, security, maintenance and access to cheap electricity are all pre-requisites for a profitable mining operation. This can be difficult, if not outright infeasible for individual investors.

MST is an upcoming option that offers all investors accessibility to invest in Bitcoin through hashrate ownership with security and compliance that are often reserved for institutional investors. Miner Star Tokens are security tokens that are fully compliant with the U.S. Securities Act. Known as Security Token Offerings (STO), it is a digital token that is supported by blockchain technology that represents a stake in an asset.

Each Miner Star Token represents 100 Terahash of perpetual mining hashrate for the underlying Bitcoin digital asset. Token holders receives monthly dividend payments in the form of WBTC net of expenses based on how many MST they hold.

Investors will be able to enjoy monthly dividend payments directly to a wallet of their choice equivalent to their corresponding hashrate of mining capacity based on how many MST they hold. The nature of the underlying asset, regular yield payments, and compliance with extensive regulations results in significantly lower risk for investors compared to the broader cryptocurrency space.

Compared to traditional methods of directly buying Bitcoin or setting up your own hardware and accessing cheap electricity, MST has the advantage of providing a sustainable and consistent ROI for investors through a range of market pricing of the underlying digital asset (Bitcoin).

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