Blink Eye Care Clarifies the Importance of Blinking Your Eyes

Blink Eye Care Clarifies the Importance of Blinking Your Eyes

We blink our eyes regularly. This happens without our knowledge. But, do you know that blinking is important? Blink Eye Care Clarifies its importance here.

Blinking is a semiautonomous action in the human body. It is when there will be a synchronized squeezing of your lower and upper lids. Most of us think that blinking is just an involuntary activity. Many do not realize that it serves a crucial function. Blink Eye Care clarifies the importance of blinking your eyes in this post:

The Mechanism Behind Blinking

You might think that blinking is an involuntary simple action. But its mechanism is amazing:

  • It needs different mechanisms to work in line with each other
  • Particularly, this happens in your eyes and eyelids
  • Different types of tear production happen
  • Tiny glands in your eyes produce oil to replenish the film that hinders our tears from lack of moisture
  • Different sets of muscles engage in the physical motion of blinking
  • When many different functions work together, things can go wrong with ease

In case, you experience eye strain or dry eye, you might be suggested some blinking exercises. However, if they are not working, it is better to see an optometrist immediately.

How Important is Blinking?

Blinking happens naturally every minute regardless of whether you think about it or not. The average number of blinks per minute is 15-20 times. In other words, it happens about 1200 times per hour. Blinking is important to:

  • Avoid eye strain caused by computer or phone screen
  • Protect your eyes from infections from contact lenses
  • Blinking squeezes glands in your eyes to produce nourishing tears
  • Also, it directs the old tear film toward the area in which the drainage system begins.
  • With a complete blink, you can moisturize your eyes with nourishing tears
  • The nourishing tears are rich in protein
  • Tears are made up of mucus components, water and oil
  • The oily substance is the topmost layer
  • It hinders the watery component of tears from quickly evaporating
  • At the same time, the bottom mucus layer aids with spreading your tears across the eye
  • With blinking, there will be a natural removal of dirt from your eyes
  • It keeps your eyes moist and rinses tears rich in nutrients over the ocular surface
  • You can get a smooth corneal surface with an intact tear film
  • In turn, light will rightly pass through the vitreous, lens and cornea onto the retina
  • By doing these things, blinking can promote clear vision and comfortable eyes

So, if you have dry eye issues, it should be addressed properly. It means that you are not properly blinking. You might need some moisturizing drops to safeguard your eyes.

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